Nathalie Spot Vanish Shampoo Spray

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Kysy tuotteesta

Nathalie Spot Vanish on mieto kuivashampoo hevoselle, joka poistaa tahrat hevosen turkista. Laitetaan suoraan tahralle.

Loistava tuote täsmäkohtien pesuihin tai kisatilanteessa hädän tullen, kuten hevosten valkoisille sukille. Laita vaahto suoraan tahralle ja anna vaikuttaa pari minuuttia, pyyhi sitten kostealla liinalla tai sienellä.


250ml tai 750ml

Nathalie Spot Vanish Spray is a mild and effective spray which removes stains and discolorations from the horse’s coat. Essential for grey/white horses, white markings and for cleaning of sweat when there is no access to water or when it is too cold for washing. A must-have on the showgrounds where you always discover a last-minute stain on the otherwise freshly washed horse. Ready for use and quickly drying stain remover with instant effect.

Spray directly on the dirty area or apply with a damp cloth or sponge. Rub well and wipe off with a clean and dry cloth.



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