Kentucky Grooming Deluxe Middle Hard Harja


Kentuckyn laadukas keskikova harja puukannella.
Harjakset on valmistettu kasvispohjaisesta kuidusta tampicosta.


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Kentuckyn laadukas keskikova harja puukannella. Valmistettu kasvispohjaisesta kuidusta tampicosta.

This varnished brush is filled with grey Tampico, a vegetable fiber that is generally used to make ropes. This makes it a very hard brush, ideal in extreme weather conditions when the horses’ coat is so muddy. You can also use it on the hoofs. The brush has a banana form, for a better grip. Clean your brush by damping it into soapy warm water and make sur it lasts for a long time. Your horse will become the star of the stables thanks to this brush!

– Very hard Tampico
– Banana form
– Long lasting
– 2 grips


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