Kentucky Pearls Riimu


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Kentucky Pearls riimu on tyylikäs valinta.

Kaunis helmikoristelu. Riimussa on hyvät säätömahdollisuudet ja muotoilu.
Keinonahka on kestävä ja helppo hoitaa.

Väri: ruskea/hopea, ruskea/kulta
Koko: Cob, Full

What’s special
Go for a refined look with the pearls halter. The combination of the artificial leather and the pearls decoration make the halter very eye-catching. Choose your favorite pearls design.

Made from Kentucky’s signature artificial leather, and therefore 100% animal friendly.
Thanks to the artificial leather, the pearls halter is extremely strong and durable. The artificial leather is very easy to maintain and does not get hard or change color because of water and sunlight. The halter is finished with pearls designs and gold-plated buckles.

Shape & size
The pearls halter comes in size full and cob. The halter is adjustable on both sides of the crown piece as well as at the chin piece. This ensures a perfect and comfortable fit for your horse.

Care guide
The artificial leather can be cleaned with our tack cleaner. To clean the pearls, carefully use a damp cloth.

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cob, full